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Tina is from the southern part of the Philippines. Born in the island of Jolo, Sulu, she grew up in Iligan City, Mindanao. A graduate of Maryknoll College, Quezon City, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Foreign Service and History. At college, Tina had her first art lessons with Sylvia Amorsolo, daughter of the famous Filipino national artist, Fernando Amorsolo. Her very first oil painting was exhibited in the Maryknoll Library Hall.

After college, Tina dabbled in Chinese painting for a while and subsequently took a respite from painting. She lived briefly in Spain and the U.S.A and when she returned to the Philippines she helped to run the family business.

Tina married Andreas Heiter from Switzerland in 1987 and they have resided in Zurich since then. She worked in a private banking firm and later joined an international law firm. During this time, her attraction to the different modern techniques and styles of watercolor painting by Swiss artists renewed her interest in art. She began to take up art courses once again, which include: Water Color Painting with Doris Walser and Alois Stirnimann (1990); Acrylic Painting with Caroline Pape (1994 -1995); Drawing and Water Media Techniques with Hui-Ling Mavroides (1997-1999); Advanced Painting Techniques and Mixed Media with Doris Walser (2002, 2005); Mixed Media with Ines Hildur-Müller (2010); and Free Style Painting with Marie Papia (2011, 2012). As art courses in Switzerland were given mainly in German, which she could not get into deeply, Tina has devoted much time in studying technical books of art and experimenting on her own.

In 1994, Tina held her first exhibit in Switzerland, showcasing her work in watercolor. Several exhibits have followed, moving on from watercolors to acrylic and mixed media. Her works reflect the different artistic styles and techniques which she developed over the last decade and influenced by other artists whose styles navigate between impressionism and abstraction.

Presently, Tina loves to do landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes and then abstracting them by applying modern techniques that give each painting the right expression or mood.