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About the Artist




Tina is from Mindanao, Philippines. She was born in the island of Jolo, Sulu and grew up in Iligan City, Lanao de Norte.  She is a graduate of Maryknoll College and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Service and History. Tina discovered her love of art during her college days when she joined a group of college mates for private lessons in drawing and oil painting under Sylvia Amorsolo, daughter of the famous Filipino national artist, Fernando Amorsolo. Her very first oil painting was exhibited at the Library Hall of Maryknoll College. After college, she went abroad and lived briefly in Spain and the USA. She returned to the Philippines and joined the family business in electric power distribution and opened her own restaurant in her home city.

When she married Andy Heiter, she moved to Switzerland and worked in a private bank and later joined an international law firm in Zurich. During this time, her attraction to the different modern techniques and styles of aquarelle painting by Swiss artists renewed her interest in art. She began to take lessons in aquarelle and continued with advanced courses in the use of different art media. Presently, she continues to study technical books on art while experimenting in new techniques and styles of her own.

In 1994, she had her first solo exhibit showcasing her works in aquarelle. This was followed by several exhibits at different public and private establishments until she was recommended to Claudine Hohl, owner of a gallery in Zurich. Since then, she has been holding one-man shows at Galerie am Schanzengraben, which is located at the center of Zurich’s financial district as well as joined group exhibits in Switzerland and California, USA.


Artist’s Statement:
My artwork has evolved in many stages using different media starting with oil, aquarelle, gouache, pastel and acrylics in different techniques and developing a style that navigates between impressionism and abstraction. I work mainly with Acrylics as my medium of preference. I love the versatility of Acrylics as it gives me the freedom and courage to venture as well as explore new challenges and avenues in art while continuing with new approaches in mixed media techniques.

In my current artwork, I have integrated an intricate process of collage fabrication in my paintings that demands more time, diligence and patience. With this technique, I enjoy the challenge of searching for the right piece of material in whatever shape, form or texture that would be a perfect fit to the overall image or design while ensuring that it remains painterly.

The imagery that I portray is purely based on my own imagination and thought without illustration, sketching or photographs as points of reference. I begin by employing several layers of colors, textures, materials while working with all my energy, passion and emotions until finally everything comes together as a thought or an image comes to life in the canvas. My work illustrates a natural inclination for landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes enhanced by the changes of season and atmospheric moods aiming to show its power and existence. When I brush in the final stroke on a painting and sign my name, it is a wonderful moment for me as I feel great joy and pride in being able to express beauty in a way that I fail to do in words. This is how I find inspiration in the saying of Georgia O’Keeffe,

                            “I found I could say things with COLOR and SHAPES
                                         that I couldn’t say in any other way –
                                              things that I had no words for.”