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Galerie am Schanzengraben
Am Schanzengraben 15, Zurich, Switzerland
Sept. 25 - Oct. 13, 2012

Published on the website of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs

Filipina Artist Holds Exhibit in Zürich

Ms. Tina Heiter, a Filipino artist based in Switzerland, opened her exhibit entitled "New Impressions" at Galerie am Schanzengraben in Zurich on September 25, the Philippine Embassy in Berne reported to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

The event, which was attended by about 70 people including a number of Swiss-based Filipino artists, showcased 28 of Ms. Heiter's art works, all a result of her three years' work. Most of them are a cross between expressionism and abstraction in acrylic and mixed media.

In her message, First Secretary and Consul Tess Lazaro thanked the Heiter couple for inviting the Philippine Embassy to the exhibit's opening.

"It's a pleasure and pride for the Philippine Embassy to witness the opening of an exhibit by a Filipino artist like Tina. As you are probably not aware, the Philippines has, perhaps, one of the most dynamic artistic communities in Southeast Asia. This is largely due to our diverse culture, which has come under the influence of so many cultures," Consul Lazaro said.

She added, "Tina's works on exhibit today are a product of her studies. They mirror her growth as an artist and the techniques and styles she has developed along the way... I hope that you will all enjoy Tina's works and view them as her journey as an artist."

Tina Heiter hails from southern Philippines. She obtained her Baccalaureate degree in Foreign Service and History from Maryknoll College (now Miriam College).  She took her first painting lessons from Sylvia Amorsolo, daughter of Filipino national artist Fernando Amorsolo.

She moved to Zurich in the late 1980s when she married Swiss national Andreas Heiter. It was her exposure to the works of Swiss artists that inspired her to take up painting courses again. Ms. Heiter has had twelve exhibits since 1994.

The Philippine Embassy in Berne supports the endeavours of various Filipino artists in Switzerland as part of its efforts in promoting awareness of the Philippines and in profiling Filipino talents among the Swiss populace. 


1994, Elgg, Kirchenzentrum

1995, Winterthur, Brühlgut Forum

1998, Winterthur, Hotel Wartmann

2000, Winterthur, Kantonsspital

2002, Eglisau, Restaurank

2003, Winterthur-Ohringen,
         Malerwerkstätten H. Schmid

2006, Zürich, Galerie am

2008, Zürich, Galerie am

2008, Winterthur, Volg Verteilzentrum

2010, Elgg, Kunstszene Elgg

2011, Palm Desert USA, Sun City
         Group Exhibit

2012, Zürich, Galerie am


Tina with Leslie Baja, Ambassador of the Phiilippines to Switzerland and Liechtenstein at the closing of her exhibit at Galerie am Schanzengraben, Zurich, October 13, 2012.
Tina with Minerva J. Falcon, Ambassador of the Philippines to Switzerland and Liechtenstein at the opening of her exhibit at Galerie am Schanzengraben, Zurich, April 23 to May 10, 2008.

 Tina with Rora Navarro Tolentino, Ambassador of the Philippines to Switzerland and Liechtenstein at the opening of her exhibit at Galerie am Schanzengraben, Zurich, April 26, 2006.
"Thanks to you for inviting me to be your Special Guest during the Vernissage today! I salute Tina on her artistic achievments and wish her success in all of her endeavors as a Filipino-Swiss artist."